Friday, October 24, 2014

We do not promote double dipping.

We do not promote double dipping because of the State rules and individual State positions. 

However our research and studies, patents, tests, etc. provide that our patent pending formula is the only product in its category that is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, self preserving and anhydrous product. Under the State Board of Cosmetology, you cannot double dip anything; not even a face cream or a hair gel if it is from a bottle and not a cosmetic measured dropper or tube. Many people of course in Medical situations or when it is a basket of product for that" individual" as we do for special cases the situation is different.

However, many people in the first 20 years of using Nufree double dipped and never had an instance or a problem. Now 38 years later, States have changed. Even licensing has changed and it will probably change again. You have to follow State rules.

 We are not just a "beauty" company we are an FDA registered lab and deal with special needs and safer practices. We started with Medical and Electrolysis people concerning the problems that ordinary waxing causes in the long run and developed this system for those special problems. Henceforth, it is in salons, spas etc. because it is better, more reasonable, and desired by the public as the safer choice.

Please note our answer to the Big Costs of disposables both for the pocketbook and the environment; is to invent and patent, a disinfectant heated system for an anhydrous product.
Our Medical Stainless Steel applicators can be cleaned and ready for the next dip. You are not disposing of a tree you are using a long sustainable material because of its quality will last for years and it enables you to have several clean applicators ready. You are NOT double dipping you are changing for a clean applicator, saving the environment and spreading the product even thinner so it costs less and works better.

Nufree Stainless Steel Applicator Cleaner Kit.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Announcing the arrival of the Nufree LITTLE ONE

You've asked and we listened...

Announcing the arrival of the Nufree LITTLE ONE.
Just the right size to fit on your station. Includes everything you need to do over 200 sets of brows and facial hair removal.

Perfect for Booth renters who perform occasional services.
After 4 clients..the Little One work kit is PAID for!

Easier, safer and less messy than traditional wax pots. And it's cute!
Check out the Metal Tin! Holds everything in a neat and tidy place.

Introductory price of $68.99
Ideal for Professionals who want an at HOME use kit.
We are taking orders NOW Online:  OR Call 800-247-2405