Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nufree Nudesse is the gold standard in hair removal!

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Nufree, Nudesse is the gold standard in hair removal and is found in thousands of spas and salons around the world.


Because Nufree’s tried and true formula has been proven to be safe, effective and long-lasting for over 35 years.

Plus, Nufree isn’t a wax!

Let me say that again – Nufree IS NOT a wax.

Many of the editors of major beauty publications and the so-called beauty industry professionals carelessly refer to us as one, simply because the process is similar.

We’re not a wax! Never were, never will be!

All the things that people hate about waxing doesn’t apply to Nufree.

Since Nufree isn’t a wax, it never sticks to the skin.

That means you won’t experience the pain and discomfort of wax-based processes.

You also won’t experience redness or swelling after a treatment - and it’s gentle enough for all types of skin.

If safety is your concern – you’ll love Nufree!

Nufree is a self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial - so it’s safe, clean and germ free.

It’s made from soy and is botanical so it can be used on virtually every part of your body - back, arms, chest, legs, bikini line, nape of neck, face and unibrow.

Finipil, part of the Nufree system, is an FDA-registered lotion you applied immediately afterwards to  cool and soothe your skin, while killing 99.999% of bacteria.
Need more??

Nufree has been scientifically tested and uses no animal products.

Best of all, it’s made in our own laboratories right here in the USA!

Forget everything you thought you knew about hair removal.

There’s a million products out there - razors, creams, sprays, medical procedures and of course waxing.

But you should accept no substitutes... there’s only one Nufree!

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