Thursday, November 19, 2015

See what people are saying about Nufree® and finipil® . . .

See what people are saying about Nufree® and finipil® . . .

Nufree is the best hair removal system out there. A must have in any salon.
Julie H.

Finipil is magic in a bottle! We always use it after our hair removal services. We recommend it to our clients for cold sores, burns, acne, and sunburned skin.
Judith D.

I have been using the Nufree products as a professional and as a client for over 15 years. I do not even own a razor anymore. Nufree is amazing! It never dries, never sticks to the skin. I will never use anything but Nufree products.
Nichol F.

I have tried other products for hair removal, especially in bikini areas and none compare! Other products damage skin or break off hair and do not pull hair from the bulb. Many other products stick to the skin and not to the hair resulting in bruising sensitive areas.  I will never us any other product for hair removal!!!"
Robyn B.

I have been in the business for 30 years and been waxing and have never found a product like yours. I love Nufree and finipil.  It removes all of the hair the first time with very little discomfort.  I will never change to any other product line.
Brenda W.

We have been using Nufree products for over 10 years now and LOVE the botanical hair removal system.  The finipil cream is awesome as well; love it for the prevention of ingrown hairs. Looking forward to ordering more soon.  Thanks!!"
Teri S.

finipil is a true super hero! By day, I use it at work for post Nufree hair removal.  I recommend it to clients for post workouts and to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.  At night use it for bug bites. The antiseptic benefits are amazing.  finipil is always to my rescue.
Melinda C.

I have been in the industry for 13 years and I have never found anything that works as good as Nufree products!
Cortney H.

I call finipil my healing lotion! It immediately soothes and refreshes. It is also a great anti-itch product.  I have used it for bug bites, dry skin, eczema, poison ivy and cold sores. Love it!
Ellen S.

My clients always comment on how painless Nufree is.  It's very easy to use with very little mess.  Nufree is the best product on the market.
Sidara R.

My husband was stung by a yellow jacket.  The site of the sting immediately started swelling and turning red. He applied finipil and within an hour the swelling was down and the redness had disappeared.  I was amazed and will always keep finipil handy.
Ruth J.

finipil really slows down your hair growth and helps with new or old ingrown hairs.
Susan S.

Nufree and finipil work great and the proof is totally in the pudding. I can say a million times how great the products are, but the biggest reward is that the clients themselves see the results! Even after the very first hair removal service! That means they keep coming back and referring their friends and family. We get new clients in every week.
Leah from Style Salon

We use Nufree finipil on legs, bikini area, buttocks, face and arms.  It removes hair without damaging the skin. We love it and the patients love it to!
Mae J.

I use Nufree exclusively in my salon.  It truly sets us apart from other salons.
Kathleen H.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Reasons Why Nufree® finipil® Hair Removal is Unique Among Spa and Salon Products Today?

• Equibal has been formulating professional products for over 35 years. Our formulas have never been duplicated.
The Nufree® finipil® hair removal system has been scientifically tested, and has been proven safe and effective. Our track record as a laboratory is the reason why so many doctors use our products.

• Nufree is the only non-wax, self preserving, antimicrobial, antibacterial hair removal system, which helps eliminates problems like redness, pain and ingrown hairs that can be associated with waxes, sugars and at-home hair removal treatments.

• Nufree® finipil® generates 10 times more revenue per jar than most waxes. It also takes less time to perform a Nufree® finipil® treatment than it does a wax treatment.

• When Nufree® is combined with finipil® – Equibal’s scientifically formulated, FDA-Registered, patented antiseptic post hair removal lotion – clients experience an amazing product that cools, protects and helps prevent ingrown hairs.
Our mission simply stated is to provide beauty professionals and their customers with the safest, most effective line of scientifically formulated beauty products in the market using only the finest ingredients available. All products will produce results which cannot be duplicated and will allow our salons and spas to offer a superior beauty experience.  

For more information, call 800-247-2405, email or visit
Company BIO
Equibal is proud to be a woman-owned company that manufactures all its products right in the USA.  Our research laboratory and manufacturing plant, as well as our shipping and distribution center are all housed in a fully self-contained 40,000-square-foot facility located on 10 rolling acres just 50 miles from NYC. We employ a diverse workforce and pride ourselves on the long-term retention of our employees. Customer satisfaction and producing the best products are our number one priority.

Author Bio
Equibal Labs was founded by Normajean Fusco, creator of Nufree® finipil®. Ms. Fusco’s career in beauty spans over 30 years and includes diverse industry experience as an aesthetician, cosmetics buyer and consultant to some of the largest beauty industry’s giants. She taught those same principles, which are currently considered the standard protocol at luxury day spas today. 

 In 1984, Normajean established Equibal Labs to deliver high caliber non-wax, soy-based depilatories and facial products for the professional beauty industry. Originally developed at the request of spa and salon owners whose clients needed head-to-toe skin-care solutions. Her products such as Nufree® finipil®, have become the gold standard for spas and salons around the world.

Friday, October 30, 2015


 - Holds 19oz. of Nufree
- Digital Self Regulating Thermostat (no dial)
- Stainless Steel Well and Top
- Deep Well
- No Basket
- Easy to Clean

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Great Nufree Review!

Hello! My name is Veronica I am the Training Director and Founder of Visiting Esthetic Services Of New York. We are a new vender for Nufree and are very impressed with the quality and nature of this product. I have been an esthetician for 14 years in the New York City luxury spa industry, and nurse for 8 years and have never encountered a product that delivers such amazing results as this!

Visiting Esthetic Services Of New York are Nurse-Estheticians who specialize in hair removal services for women. At this time we offer full body hair removal services and our signature Brow Contour RX treatment. We receive referrals from OB-GYN providers, existing clients and bridal resources, all our clients enjoy the convenience of having their treatments delivered on demand and in the convenience of their home.

We are so excited to have a product that meets both ours and our clients clinical and esthetic standards.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Ms.Veronica Benton

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

IECSC 2015 was a great success!

Nufree finipil set up their new booth, and everyone loved it!
Nufree 4 men only was also a huge hit!
Thanks to everyone that came to the show, see you next year!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



Men want sexy, smooth skin but don’t want to deal with the pain associated with body hair removal. Nufree® 4 men only is a non-wax hair removal process that can remove hair from almost any part of the body—pain free! It’s safe, fast, easy, and causes no redness, swelling, or discomfort. Apply finipil® 4 men antiseptic lotion immediately afterward to cool, soothe, and protect. Experience Nufree® 4 men only—available at the end of March 2015!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Check out the video from Dayspa Magazine about Nufree!

Deb Swan, National Sales Director of Nufree finipil, talks with DAYSPA
Managing Editor Lesley McCave about the Nufree professional hair removal
system. It's soy-based, antibacterial and
easier to use than wax — Nufree sticks only to hair and never dries. Swan also talks about finipil skin cream for
application after hair removal — it fills empty pores, prevents ingrown
hairs and "lumps and bumps" as a result of clogged pores, and treats
acne too. There's also the Little One kit for smaller hair removal tasks
like eyebrows and the upper lip, as well as Nufree 4 men only, a new
men's line.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nufree CAN make you money!

As a professional beauty sales and education director, I've experienced stylists missing a lot of opportunities over the last 20 years.
One example in particular happened at a large chain salon location. The day was planned to offer a cluster education class for Nufree Hair Removal to about 10 locations all meeting at a host location. There were 35 attendees. All were stylists who have been working behind the chair. Some for just a few weeks, some for decades. The purpose of the class was to educate on product usage, and
up-selling the services.

There was one stylist in the group who didn't want to perform the service. His clients that needed facial hair removal went to any one else in the salon who was available. Camille was a talented stylist and had a strong book. He was first chair in the salon, always busy. After the seminar, I took some time with him to find out why he was giving his clients away. He stated that he never really learned to perform facial hair removal and was afraid. I made Camille an offer. I said I would stay with him for a few hours and any client that he had coming in, we'd offer a complimentary hair removal service. He agreed. I demonstrated with him on about 5 or 6 clients and then he began to perform the service with me supervising. His clients were more than gracious and loved helping him learn. Camille seemed to get the hang of it but I still wasn't certain he'd take the initiative after I left.

A month later I followed up with the manager to see if Camille took the challenge. The manager told me (with much excitement) that he had gone from “0” services to “39” in one month! I stopped in the next time I was in the area and met with Camille. He asked me if I could walk outside with him. He points to a new little BMW car. Said “this is my Nufree car, I cannot believe how much more money I am making and I’m just sick to think of all the money I have given away this past year!”

His car payment was $330.00 month, paid for by being open to learn, willingness to change and by up-selling to all his clients!

- Deb Swan, national accounts and education director for Nufree hair removal