Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nufree CAN make you money!

As a professional beauty sales and education director, I've experienced stylists missing a lot of opportunities over the last 20 years.
One example in particular happened at a large chain salon location. The day was planned to offer a cluster education class for Nufree Hair Removal to about 10 locations all meeting at a host location. There were 35 attendees. All were stylists who have been working behind the chair. Some for just a few weeks, some for decades. The purpose of the class was to educate on product usage, and
up-selling the services.

There was one stylist in the group who didn't want to perform the service. His clients that needed facial hair removal went to any one else in the salon who was available. Camille was a talented stylist and had a strong book. He was first chair in the salon, always busy. After the seminar, I took some time with him to find out why he was giving his clients away. He stated that he never really learned to perform facial hair removal and was afraid. I made Camille an offer. I said I would stay with him for a few hours and any client that he had coming in, we'd offer a complimentary hair removal service. He agreed. I demonstrated with him on about 5 or 6 clients and then he began to perform the service with me supervising. His clients were more than gracious and loved helping him learn. Camille seemed to get the hang of it but I still wasn't certain he'd take the initiative after I left.

A month later I followed up with the manager to see if Camille took the challenge. The manager told me (with much excitement) that he had gone from “0” services to “39” in one month! I stopped in the next time I was in the area and met with Camille. He asked me if I could walk outside with him. He points to a new little BMW car. Said “this is my Nufree car, I cannot believe how much more money I am making and I’m just sick to think of all the money I have given away this past year!”

His car payment was $330.00 month, paid for by being open to learn, willingness to change and by up-selling to all his clients!

- Deb Swan, national accounts and education director for Nufree hair removal