Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nufree Tips!


Nufree stays pliable at body temperature.
As long as the client stays at 98.6 or higher, Nufree can be removed at any time after application.

This allows large areas to be applied all at once. And taking your time when arching a brow. Faster, better service for the client.


Always hold the applicator at 45 to 90 degree angle. Allow Nufree to fall on the area (skin) then simply push the Nufree with the applicator. Do not "butter" Nufree on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Havana Spa Responds to Market Trends, Offers Men's Hair Removal, aka "Manscaping," Using 100% Botanical Nufree

CHICAGO, Nov. XX, 2014 – Havana Spa ( recognizes that more men than ever are pursuing the smooth, sleek look of a professional athlete. After all, looking one's best shouldn't be the exclusive concern of women. To meet this growing demand, the spa offers professional hair removal for men using the latest and best products and techniques. Learn more about these services here:

"In the past, male athletes, especially swimmers, made up the entire men's hair removal market. But today, men from all walks of life have come to appreciate the aesthetic quality of smooth, healthy skin," explained Havana Spa Owner Sandra Plasencia Casanova. "As men age, body hair often becomes more prominent, but even young men have been visiting the spa for hair removal."

Havana Spa uses Nufree for its hair removal treatment. Nufree is not a wax but a botanical formula that's safe for virtually the entire body. The product does not stick to skin or dry out like wax typically does; hair removal with Nufree is therefore painless and leaves behind no redness or swelling. Because the product uses no artificial chemicals or sugars, clients are free to tan, shower or apply cosmetics or lotion to the skin immediately following a treatment.

Surveys have shown that most men have tried hair removal at some point. Shaving is the most common approach, but waxing is growing in popularity. Casanova suggests that Nufree offers the best of both worlds – the effectiveness of waxing with the relative ease of shaving. The pain-free aspect of hair removal with Nufree is one that all clients can get behind; "40-Year-Old Virgin," this isn't. While it might have been true in the past that a little discomfort was necessary to achieve that smooth and defined appearance, that's not the case anymore.

Nufree was developed more than 30 years ago as a pre-treatment for plastic surgery procedures and quickly became the "gold standard" in the industry. Unlike waxes, it removes the entire hair shaft and bulb rather than breaking it. Nufree also boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well as being completely botanical, making it safe for even for the most sensitive skin.

Hair removal with Nufree is typically followed up with Finipil, adding a layer of protection against ingrown hairs and bacterial infections. Dermatologist tested and approved, Finipil kills more than 99% of bacteria lingering on the skin but is gentle enough for daily use. The product protects vulnerable hair follicles from infection while also working to slow hair regrowth, meaning clients can wait longer between hair removal treatments.

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Sandra Plasencia Casanova